Hello World!

I am so excited (and so nervous) to be launching my first blogging site! I am immensely grateful that you chose to stop by! For those of you who I have not had the pleasure of meeting in RL, my name is Karina Auclair (je suis enchantée). For a long time now I've been told … Continue reading Hello World!

Totally Terrific Tilapia Ceviche

This recipe is inspired by my grandma who spent a few years in Mexico, with some slight alterations since I am sadly allergic to shellfish. This is a fantastic dish for the summer; sooo fresh! Makes 3-4 servings. Good as a main course or appetizer. We loved eating it on the beach in Florida…sigh… Step … Continue reading Totally Terrific Tilapia Ceviche

That Fresh Bowl

Hellooooo all! This was an awesome and refreshing dinner. Here’s how we made it (in case you’re curious and/or hungry). We boiled water and tossed in vermicelli noodles (boiled for like 2-3 minutes, try ‘em, it’s quick!). Chopped up some cucumber, carrots, ginger (finely), pineapple (I bought these pre-sliced from the store), and Andrew added … Continue reading That Fresh Bowl


I was very excited for my first attempt at zoodle-making! Have you ever tried? For those of you new to the word, essentially you take a zucchini and then some sort of kitchen instrument that allows you to string your zucchini into long thin pieces that resemble noodles! I used a small zucchini and ate … Continue reading Zoooooodles


This hashtag certainly expresses my feelings towards my brief experience of the Pam Am 2015 games in Toronto! My sister is an avid beach volleyball player and when the tickets came on sale, my mom (who lives in Toronto) immediately jumped at the opportunity to share in Jenna’s love of the sport. Together, they attended … Continue reading #PANAMAZING